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June 03, 2007

New season - post 2

According to Simon in the comments, a JAM was recorded at Hay in Wales with the panel being Paul Merton, Pam Ayres, Maureen Lipman and Marcus Brigstocke for the first show and Dara O'Briain for the second.

Sounds great - excellent to have Maureen back on the show - first time since 1998.

And first time with two women on a panel since 2003.

And first time they swapped panellists between recordings, outside Edinburgh, since 1994.

Any more information anyone?

Tilusha Ghelani used 16 people in 7 recordings in her first season - we now have 19 in seven. It seems very clear that Paul and Clement are now the only two regulars and otherwise the net is being cast wide. I think that sounds interesting and we may well find some top talent that will keep the show fresh.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Presumably there will be four new recordings, at least: the two from Hay and the other two from Cheltenham and the Mermaid Theatre (featuring Alan Cochrane and Chris Addison respectively) because we've only heard one transmission from each said venues so far.

Simon :)

11:29 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How does one go about finding out where shows are to be recorded and enquiring about tickets?

Anthony Weight, Norwich.

12:26 am  
Blogger Dean said...

There will be two shows recorded at Edinburgh as always. I would think we would get 11 shows this season - so that means three other recordings or five other shows...

Anthony - I was hoping to get some information on to the blog but the surefire way is to contact the BBC. If you do abd get some info, please share it with us. :)

1:08 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome, Alun Cochrane and Chris Addison are both being given another shot on the show, excellent.

definitely some bright times ahead for the show with the net being cast so widely. :)

2:14 pm  

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