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August 03, 2007

remaining shows in current season

August 6th - One of the London Clement, Paul, Tony Hawks and Dave Gorman shows

August 13th - the remaining show held over from last season with Paul, Tim Rice, Chris Neill and Alun Cochrane at Cheltenham

Aug 20th and 27th - A safe bet that these will be the two Edinburgh Festival shows. They always like to play these during the Festival

That leaves four shows in September. I'd say we'll get the second shows from Hay-on-Wye, Hastings and London, plus one of the shows being recorded in September.

It'll be interesting to see who pops up at Edinburgh. Personally I'd like to see someone experienced along with Clement and Paul - having two newcomers seems to make sure the show drags a bit. Maybe Graham Norton...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Edinburgh show line ups, in case you don't already know!

1 - Paul Merton, Clement Freud, Fred MacAuley, Jo Caulfield

2 - Paul Merton, Clement Freud, Marcus Brigstocke, Janey Godley

3:24 am  

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