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January 15, 2008

Today's show

It wasn't the one advertised which was supposed to be show 2 from last year's Stratford-on-Avon recording. Indeed as the show played in the BBC player on my PC, the "now playing" thing said it was that show.

Instead we were in King's Lynn with Tony Hawks, Kit Hesketh-Harvey, Gyles Brandreth and Janey Godley. The first show without either Clement or Paul in three years.

I thought it was fine and they were all good. But there was a feeling of "no show without Punch". The best JAMs have a lead player - Kenneth Williams, then Paul Merton and sometimes Graham Norton. That was what the show missed - someone to pick things up with a bit of comic invention and madness.

Having said that they all had their moments. I liked Janey again though she is probably going to have to produce a bit more comedy if she is going to get regular call-ups.

Not JAM at its best - but fine.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agreed. While not a bad show, it lacked a strong, well-known regular player.

1:57 pm  

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