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February 05, 2008

today's show

My friend Keith was in the audience for this and told me it wasn't so great, so I had low expectations.

But... I really liked it. I thought Paul and Clement were both good and I was very impressed with Jack Dee. He was always funny and very competitive. He just seemed to slot right in. Every time he was on, he was good.

I would like a lot more of him. A lot more!

Liza Tarbuck was as she has always been, jolly but not especially memorable. Has she ever had a really funny line on JAM? I think this should be her last go, apart from the second recording, I guess.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about Liza - she never really has a stand-out line, but I do like her on JAM. Her personality shines through and just adds something that little bit different. Admittedly she's nowhere near Linda Smith quality, but let's face it - who is of the current female panellists? (Sue Perkins nearest maybe?) I'd prefer Liza to, say, Pauline McLynn, as at least she knows when to keep quiet!

8:13 am  

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