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January 22, 2008

Great show today

I really enjoyed it - certainly the best so far this season. All were in good form and Phill Jupitus in particular was very much improved on his debut. he needs to come back soon.

Graham and Gyles were deserving joint winners.

Well done!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well of course you did Dean - you were there! ;o) Did they broadcast all the best bits from the recording?

11:00 am  
Blogger Dean said...

Yeah I think so, though it's a while ago now of course. It was all good fun.

8:26 am  
Blogger Keith Matthews said...

Hello Dean, I am at last on the bloody internet with an email address so that I can keep in contact with you .

I know I have my grumbling points and I must get it off my chest - Josie Lawrence was nursed through her first show and apart from some good asides she was a let down for me as a panellist - she could neither talk for any length of time or let her buzzer finger do the talking .
I would much rather have had Aimi MacDonald making her long overdue return visit to the show .She is still performing and on the couple of times that I have chatted to her she has dearly wished to 'have a go again at 'Just A Minute' - a show at which she regularly excelled and still listens to avidly.

I think that the producer Talusha needs to develop the women players.
It is too much of a Bloke's Club and we need to have more of a women's presence on the show .
It is terribly tough on the women though. They really should be booked for a couple of double recordings in the same series so they can develop as panellists and not have to wait for up to a year for a reminder of the game . The game as it is played these days is geared in favour of those who are too sharp with the rules and pounce on petty repetitions of two and three letter words - it's like letting a child try out their tricycle for the first time in a Formula One Grand Prix.

I was at the Greenwich Theatre and was proud to be introduced to the audience and panel by Nicholas after they had recieved my gift earlier of a magnum of champagne so they could celebrate the show's 40th year .

As I stood up and bathed in the kind applause ,I looked around me and saw all the new generation of Just A Minute fans .Was it really nearly 40 years ago in the 60s ,70s and 80s when Steph, Suzy ,Russell, Sue and I used to queue in the rain outside the miniscule Paris Studio to see the show with the legends of the game .I never dreamed then that Just A Minute would still be here and filling bigger theatres to capacity .

Having Jack Dee on the show was like having Clement Freud in stereo - they sat on opposite sides. He was funny as he mock-grumbled about almost everything -he hated to be given any chances by the chairman , he thought that the regulars were against him at times with their hair-splitting of the rules .

Liza Tarbuck was great as she regaled us with her tales of how she got to the theatre well in advance just to enjoy the 'pleasures' of a shared bubble bath with Nicholas Parsons.She has a wonderful sense of mischievious fun - in a Nell Gwynn innuendo way .'Plumptious' Stephen Fry called her ...and that lovely funny lady did not disappoint us .

Clement was on form and the audience adored his unique humour.The Greenwich shows have some memorable Clement moments.

A very good evening at Greenwich.

5:54 am  
Blogger Dean said...

Keith - make sure you send me the email address!

cheers, D

8:05 am  

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