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December 20, 2008

More news

More news!

I have dates for the last three recordings for the current season.

* Monday 12th January, at the Radio Theatre in Broadcasting House, London
* Monday 26th January at Lincoln University
* Tuesday 10th February at the Radio Theatre in Broadcasting House, London

So those of you saying "I can't get tickets" - get on the phone!

Four of the six recordings this season are from the Radio Theatre. I'm told that there's been some ruling that people shouldn't be charged for admission to shows like JAM and that is restricting the venues that can be used. So unless the ruling changes again, there are likely to be more shows recorded out of the Radio Theatre - a venue that in the last Just A Classic Minute, both Nicholas and Paul suggested wasn't a good venue for comedy.

Jack Dee has been booked for one of the remaining recordings, possibly the one on the 12th.

And although Paul and Gyles are the "best" players in the show's history in terms of the proportion of games won... neither won at this week's recording. Liza won one game, Sue the other - and neither have won a game before.


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