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January 05, 2009

new season

Just back from holiday so I have only just heard the season debut, and what a ripper! I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Paul at his best, Graham at his best, and I enjoyed Shappi - she has a sort of Peter Jonesian "I'm not very good at this game but I can be funny all the same" quality to her. Charles a good straight man.

Of interest is that it seems the Trudi Stevens era on the whistle is over. She didn't do the two Edinburgh shows last year which were the last recorded, but I thought it might be a one off non-appearance. But no, Sarah Sharpe has the whistle now. Trudi is the fourth most experienced whistle-blower behind Ian Messiter, Janet Staplehurst and Anne Ling.

And Claire Jones back as producer - she may yet catch David Hatch to become JAM's most prolific producer.

Yes I really enjoyed that - and lucky me, more tomorrow!


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