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May 17, 2009

Just A Classic Minute Volume 6

some info on this which is due out in about six weeks.

One of the shows featuring Eddie Izzard from 1994 is included. Now the two shows featuring Eddie Izzard are near the top of my all-time favourite shows - simply hillarious, and I've often wondered why they haven't been included on any previous collections, or excerpted for programmes like the 40th anniversary special. After all, Izzard remains a big name in British comedy. Well anyway it will be good to hear him challenging himself and trying to do a deal with Paul to challenge each other up the points board. His surrealism too is if anything even weirder and sillier than Paul's.

Not sure what other shows are included but there is confirmation that Sheila Hancock is in one of them. Kenneth, Clement, Peter and Derek are also all included - I suspect there will be another show with all four of them included.

And Paul Merton joins Nicholas again in the commentaries. I hope this time Nicholas lets Paul have more of a say!

Needless to say I am really looking forward to the release.


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