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August 09, 2009


From Pauline McLynn's blog on her appearance on JAM a couple of weeks ago

OH a minute is a LONG time to try to NOT hesitate, deviate or repeat oneself (doncha love the ‘one’ from a peasant there, but HEY that’s the way things roll…) ANYHOW, i returned to JUST A MINUTE this evening and it was a TOTAL pleasure but i am SO crap at the game…my dream is to to do well but it must be admitted that I don’t spot the mistakes well and then get into discussions with the others about silly things and talk over host Nicholas Parsons (a crime!) – aside from all that, funny things were said and in the can and ready for transmission from 27th of this month.
For those of you in the rest of the world who don’t know JUST A MINUTE I urge you to check it out in general, as a concept, and then in particular on the bbc website – damn fine entertaining (terrifying to ‘do’ but audiences love it and that’s good enough for me – I am, after all, in the Entertainment Business!!)

And from Janey Godley's blog on her upcoming appearance

Other than that I am having a great time, I have done two shows already and am getting prepared for my Just a Minute performance which always scared the bejebus out of me.


Anonymous 1435 said...

Julian Clary has been left heartbroken after his nephew committed suicide, a report claims.

According to The People, 23-year-old Christian Castro took his own life in Majorca recently. It is believed that a memorial service was held last week.

Castro was the son of Clary's older sister Frances and reportedly had a close friendship with the comedian.

A source revealed: "Julian is absolutely devastated. Christian was like the son he never had. When Julian heard the news, he broke down."

Despite the tragedy, Clary is still expected to go ahead with his forthcoming UK stand-up tour, which kicks off next month.

An insider said: "Julian will not be letting his fans down."


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pauline's alright on JaM. Giggling for Ireland lol.

4:39 am  

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