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August 09, 2009

Edinburgh Fringe

I went to the Edinburgh Fringe in 2002 and hugely enjoyed it although the weather was a bit cold. I keep promising myself to go back and spend all my money there - and who knows, next year I might just do that.

Anyway if you were considering it - these are JAM performers who I've confirmed are performing there this year: Paul Merton, Nicholas Parsons, Julian Clary, Barry Cryer, Fred MacAulay, Marcus Brigstocke, Arthur Smith, Richard Vranch, Shappi Khorsandi, Janey Godley, Lee Simpson, Dave Gorman, Alun Cochrane, Rhod Gilbert, Justin Moorhouse, Jo Caulfield, Robin Ince, Alistair McGowan, Mike McShane and Suki Webster.

And of course two JAMs will be recorded there. I was thinking that given the above list, maybe Julian and Marcus will join Paul as regulars, with Hardeep Singh Kohli and Janey Godley (both listed as appearing in a BBC press release) sharing the fourth slot. If that was the case, we'd be guaranteed very funny shows.

If they do decide to get some more newcomers, here's a list of others who are doing shows at Edinburgh that I'd love to have join the JAM family.

* Andy Hamilton - very funny on just about every other panel game, and would be wonderful on JAM.
* Clive James - the Australian writer and wit would be wonderful exchanging banter on JAM.
* Henry Blofeld - the beloved cricket commentator is taking his comedy act to Edinburgh this year. No-one on earth would be more capable of speaking for 60 minutes without hesitation, repetition or deviation. He would be great fun.
* Frank Skinner - Some lists had him on last year's panel though he wasn't in the end. Still would be great.
* Jimmy Carr - A big name these days and always a star on panel games.
* Stephen K Amos - Can just hear that West Indian accent - wonderful.
* Ed Byrne - Another big name whose Irish blarney would work well on JAM.
* Brendon Burns - this Australian is a wonderful improvisational comedian and as aggression is his specialty, I can see him having excellent arguments over points.
* Al Murray - I hear he's very funny but I haven't seen him yet.

And as I'm a New Zealander I wouldn't mind hearing a Kiwi accent on JAM. I can see at least two NZers doing shows - Raybon Kan, who I knew slightly at university is a very funny man. Rhys Darby is a costar on Flight Of The Conchords and has a unique but very funny stand-up style. So drop in and see these two if you're in Edinburgh.

And feel free to post in comments about anyone else you see or anyone I've missed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd like Russell Howard, Alan Davies, Jeremy Clarkson, Jo Brand (to return), Clive Anderson & more Americans/Canadians to appear :)

4:52 am  

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