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September 15, 2009

another good 'un

This week's show was thoroughly enjoyable. Usually having Graham Norton on a show means it's a good one and so it proved again. Graham is a great player of the game, one of the very best ever, and I enjoyed his performance. Paul was again perhaps a little quieter than usual, but still the wittiest and the best. Gyles Brandreth just gets better and better, and I thought Suki Webster had an excellent debut. She was funny and cheeky and will surely get at least a few more appearances on the show.

My favourite segment was the "fun guy" round - I love it when the panellists talk about the other members of the panel and I thought that one of the best rounds in some time.

They didn't make anything of Paul and Suki being about to be married. Oh well.

Paul, Gyles, Sue and Graham - the making of a team of regulars? Julian Clary and Chris Neill are both very good but Graham is the more versatile performer. I think these four could be the modern equivalents of Kenneth, Clement, Peter and Derek - if they are allowed to be with regular appearances.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I doubt it, Sue and Gyles may become regulars but although Graham Norton is a great performer, I think he's too busy nowadays with other things to commit to a regular slot on the panel (the same goes for Stephen Fry).

11:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree that in a perfect world Graham would be a regular of JAM, but as the other comment says, he's too busy, sadly.

2:52 am  

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