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September 10, 2009

Deanne v Diane

The material on the website is carefully prepared and it's rare now for anyone to point out a mistake and be right! But every now and then something comes up that has me changing the information there, and I always find that very enjoyable if time-consuming to change multiple pages.

One of the more obscure JAM performers was Deanne Hart who did one show back in January 1970. I never had any luck finding any information about her.

My attention today has been drawn to this obituary for Diane Hart. Reading it carefully it seems to all fit in with the information in the eppy and I am therefore admitting error and "officially" changing the spelling to Diane.

The spelling goes back to the initial work on a JAM show list done by Steven Arnold about 11 or 12 years ago. It's understandable if you listen to the programme, where the name is consistently pronounced DEE-anne. Still she can pronounce her name any way she likes of course - the spelling is what matters.

The other thing that pleases me about the whole thing is what an interesting person she turned out to be. An actress, campaigner for women's rights, and an inventor of corsets. I rather wish she had appeared more often now.

Her Wikipedia entry is also a great read.


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