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October 13, 2011

views on last season

I do think the shows with Paul, Sheila, Tony and Graham were up with the very best. The two shows at Edinburgh were good too, but not as good. The shows with Julian, Josie, Rick Wakeman and Phill Jupitus were okay, below average but okay. I thought Josie held things together – she is on her way to being a real star, being both very funny and very competitive.

The shows with Tony, Gyles, Pam Ayres and Miles Jupp were disappointing. I’ve just transcribed the first of these and Pam and Miles really were “non-starters” to use Kenneth’s phrase. Pam does have a unique style, which is good, but she just isn’t competitive enough, or consistently funny enough. She needs to be on with three strong players where her contributions would add spice. Miles was struggling with the game – he eventually worked that out and won the second show. But in mastering the game itself, he wasn’t very funny.

So it was up to Tony and Gyles to keep the show going. I think Gyles gets better every time he is on – has anyone else noticed he almost never falls back into his old routine poems and stories any more. He’s inventive and funny and likes the banter. Tony I think isn’t strong enough to hold a show together. There are times in the show when something funny is said between the panellists – Gyles was teasing Pam about her marriage. Now if Paul had been there, he would have joined in and kept it going – but Tony isn’t quick enough to do the same.

Of course it’s hard to judge Tony by the standard of Paul – there aren’t many people as funny and quick as Paul. Nevertheless the producers do seem to regard Tony as the alternate lead player if Paul is away.... and sorry Tony fans, but I don’t think he is good enough.


Blogger dagi said...

I heard the final programme of the series yesterday (with Tony, Gyles, Pam Ayres and Mike Jupp). I tend to agree with Dean that this line-up was a little disappointing compared to the average JAM edition.

Whilst I'm a big Paul Merton fan, I almost look forward to the editions where he's not present; in the hope that others will shine more.

Tony is generally very good, but he's not quite up there with PM. However, I think he's funnier than Dean implies. He's probably in my top 6 panellists.

I agree that Gyles is an excellent player, perhaps the best after PM.

I think Pam is good and I like the fact that she raises the average age of panel members a little.

Miles Jupp was disappointing, but as NP would say, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt - perhaps as with other panellists, he'll improve if invited back.

10:13 am  
Blogger dagi said...

Another comment, I'd be interested to hear of suggestions for new panellists (or ex panel members who should return).

How about.....
1) Ronnie Corbett
2) Jonathan Ross
3) Clive Anderson
4) Mark Watson
5) Jo Brand
6) Dara O'Briain
7) Frank Skinner
8) Mark Steel
9) Sean Lock
10) Lucy Porter
11) Sarah Millican
12) Miranda Hart

Perhaps this discussion is one for the Yahoo Group.

10:32 am  
Blogger Dean said...

sure, post that to the group, if you like :)

11:16 am  

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