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April 05, 2012

the greatest

Several people have commented in the past couple of weeks with JAM on TV, how great Kenneth would have been on a TV version of Just A Minute.

Here he is on a chat show just a year before his death. Just imagine what it would have been like to watch Kenneth on JAM....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Dean, This is the team in modern day Just A Minute that thrills me the most - the natural successors to Williams, Nimmo, Freud and Jones. Every subject was a gem. Paul on William the Conqueror,Graham's facial expressions, Tony losing his virginity in Venice and the wonderful Sue and Nicholas' uuber-fertlie man-musk - all comic gems that will be treasured in the vast history of timeless comedy that Just A Minute produces.

Sue is by far the best woman on the show - she actually won every show that she appeared in this special 45th Anniversary tv series. She is a human tornado who eats up every second that she talks and devours every subject she can get her hands upon. Well done Sue - you are proof positive that women are as good as the guys on the show.

I don't think anyone needs any more proof that an all woman panel on the show is not only possible - it will be bloody funny as well. Come on Tilusha and Claire - a couple of shows each year devoted to the talented likes of Sue, Jenny, Josie, Sheila, Liza, Pam and Shappi will add diversity to the show. Think of the guests you can have as it gets established - Jo Brand, Ruby Wax, Dawn French, Miranda Hart, the much missed Aimi Macdonald.

Another thing (while I'm on my soap box) is when are GYles and Stephen going to go head to head on the same panel?

And lastly - how about Graham, Julian, Stephen on the same panel with possibly Russell Kane or Paul O'Grady or Alan Carr or maybe if she will dare to grace the airwaves - Dame Edna Everage. Now that will be a very funny show indeed!!! Possibly for Christmas!?!?!?!?!Lots of love Keith XXXX

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