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May 02, 2012

Sale of the Century

Here's an eppy of Nicholas Parsons hosting this classic quiz game


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Dean, Thankyou for putting this on the J.A.M. website. To hear some of the best modern-day J.A.M.-ers Graham Norton, Julian Clary, Jenny Eclair, Josie Lawrence praising Kenneth Williams was wonderful.

This little man, and he was small, was best with a group of people - Round The Horners, the Carry On team, Hancock's Half Hour gang and ofcourse the Just A Minuters contained his best work. Barry Took's description of Kenneth is the best 'He was a Stradivarius among comedians'. His unique and timeless talent was best when he was among performers who were an array of types. The better quality people you put him with the more he shone. Loved Graham's praise of Kenneth's vocal scope and range of characters. I can think of only a few comedians who can match that - and what they match in range of characters they lack in scope of voice.No-one comes near him.That's why even though we have a really great team of J.A.M. regulars - Kenneth will always be the show's King. Thanks for a brilliant show. Lots of love Keith

6:31 am  

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