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April 05, 2012

eppy 8 and 9


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Dean, I wasn't well enough to go to the show yesterday. Am O.K. now. Just saw Kenneth's interview on Aspel and Co. Brought back happy memories. If only Kenneth had known how much he was loved.Barry Took called him a Stradivarius among comedians - and that he truly was.How he could work an audience to his will was amazing.I would have loved him to have hung on so we had some Just A Minute's with him and Paul Merton but sadly it was not to be. None of us audience regulars knew why Kenneth was continually taking white pills to help him through his last double recording of the show (the one he did with Derek, Clement, Lance and Richard).We never even suspected when Lance took his place in the last couple of shows. Nicholas had passed on Kenneth's best wishes to the audience. We thought Kenneth was slightly ill and would return for the next series. Nicholas even asked Lance to do his impersonation of Kenneth during that show and that met with a applause. They cut that from the final broadcast. I get so sad when I think of that tiny funny genius who was in so much pain with no-one to talk to. His wealth of work means he will live for ever. On the recent radio show 'Just A Minute's Indian Adventure' one of the long-time Indian JAmmer's said that they used to listen to 'Just A Minute and a man called Kenneth Williams was The Master - that he truly was. 66 full subjects on 'Just A Minute' is an unbeatable record.Happy Easter
Love Keith xxxx

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