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April 24, 2012

panel news

panel for the show recorded on Sunday – Paul Merton, Graham Norton, Gyles Brandreth and Alun Cochrane


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Dean, Sunday had two very funny shows.Gyles has certainly got a thing for older Royal women. He comically ranted on so much he became a sitting target for Paul. Paul had 2 older people to joke about. Graham had more than a touch of Kenny Williams about him when he had to buzz Gyles to stop him getting more mucky. Graham's nose was raised in the air like a camp princess and my mind went back 20 years or so and I could recall the ghost of our favourite player of the game - "This is disgusting!!!I haven't come here to listen to a load of filth!!!"

Paul is getting more and more playful with the way he plays the game - and it's more funny.When he throws caution to the wind it's bliss to watch. Nicholas doesn't expect it and the game goes temporarily to pieces.Very funny.
Nicholas gets better with the years. He puts men half his age to shame.

I had to feel sorry for Alun Cochrane a bit - the fault with his buzzer wasn't detected until half way through. I think he said something like "People have probably been thinking that I'm rubbish at the game!". His confidence wasn't that high to begin with though. He spoke for about 30 or such seconds and announced that he was proud to have achieved his longest time ever on a subject. The audience applauded but I have seen so many lame ducks fall at the first fence.

You need fire in your belly to speak on a subject and play the game. Coming on like a kind of nice lad with a crewcut that he said his own Mum disliked - doesn't cut the mustard with me.
We wont be seeing Mr Cochrane again methinks or I will be resurrecting Peter Jones - Now he made a career out of bumbling!!

Lots of love KEITH XX

8:44 pm  

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