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May 12, 2012

more WILTY

Some more Would I Lie To You - this time featuring another 6 JAMmers - namely Jack Dee, David Mitchell, Rob Brydon, Jason Manford, Ruth Jones and Lee Mack.


I am asked in the comments who I prefer of the two British WILTY hosts as opposed to the host of the NZ version, Paul Henry. Rob Brydon is damn funny so he is first. Angus next, Henry last.

 And will I broaden the website to include WILTY? Maybe....


Anonymous Perra Dox Esq. said...

Wilty has had some utterly brilliant moments, mostly by David Mitchell and in the earlier series Frankie Boyle, Lee Mack also manages to be quite funny at time, this show seems to be a better FIT FOR HIM THAN QI...where his shouting can be disruptive...

10:44 am  

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