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July 24, 2013

latest panel

the latest panel was Paul Merton, Julian Clary, Jenny Eclair and Liza Tarbuck. Sounds like fun!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Dean,
Paul and Sue are booked in for the 2 Edinburgh JAM's this season. The other 2 panellists will be comedians who are up in Edinburgh at the time of the recording. TBC. My friend Peter got in on my ticket to Tuesday's Paul, Julian, Liza and Jenny game. He gave me a ring before hand but I had just returned from Hammersmith Hospital - this heat was too much. Many people said that the 2 shows were 2 of the funniest. Lovely Liza got into a flap when given a subject about the countryside ... she took a deep breath and began but only spurted out the first syllable ... and when the audience began laughing and she'd realised what she'd done she cried out "Oh no!!! No!!"
Don't know whether they'll leave it in - it was a genuine faux - pas ... Liza is so usually relaxed and jokey ...Nice to have her back.
Paul made a big pre-announcement about Nicholas' upcoming BIG 90 birthday on October 10th and said that he was the longest serving host of a BBC comedy panel game. Cheers from the audience.

Nicholas phoned me the next day just to check if I was o.k. Alls well with the tome.But strangely didn't mention the Junior Just A Minute. Read about that on your site's blog. I think it will be great fun. The man is a broadcasting marvel - no-one like him. Gyles had complemented him on his expertly humourous handling of the recent Hawks,Keilty, Brandreth and Cochrane JAM's. 2 very funny shows aswell. He is a first class professional. And what I love most about him is there isn't an unfriendly thought in him.
Just A Minute is like Old Man River ... it just keeps rolling along and getting better and funnier... Lots of love Keith

5:22 am  

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