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June 07, 2014

interesting newcomer to Just A Minute

chat show host Jonathan Ross joined Paul Merton, Liza Tarbuck and Alun Cochrane at Wednesday's recording.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Dean, Sorry a bit late. Yes Lovely Liza is back and Nicholas is pronouncing her name the way she prefers it - 'Leeza'. She is now a very confident panelist although I'm sure she will be happy when her old mate Sue Perkins turns up in a few recordings because they really spark off each other so well. Jonathon Ross was a surprise guest and I had never seen him so nervous. But he was very funny and good as a panelist. He had been wanting to be a panelist for a long time and finally it happened. He was sharp on his buzzer. The only thing that gave away his nervousness was that when he was applauding the other players - he kept his hands in front of the microphone whereas the long-time players applaud by their sides so that it doesn't pop. The other thing was that when he spoke into the mike he got increasingly nearer to it and occassionally it looked like he was going to give it a B.J. !!!
He was witty and had a huge respect for Paul and Nicholas. He left the Nick-baiting in th hands of Paul but the air still crackled between him and Paul, worthy opponents are they. Jonathan's enthusiasm for the game was evident. He will be back. Alun is developing into a reliably funny player with an odd way of looking at Life and all it's little quirky ways. The audience is always very warm and Nicholas was given a great reception. You could see the amazement on Liza's face because of the audience's warmth. This is definitely not just another panel game but a broadcasting legend and everyone who watches and listens to it and plays it, is proud to be a part of it. Yours sincerely Keith.

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