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June 02, 2015

Just A Minute app

The Just A Minute app, being promoted by the Messiter family, has just been released.

It can be downloaded here.

I am not an app user so I'm interested to hear what people think - is this a must? Something I should be using? Let me know!


Anonymous Lolster said...

I have the app and it is fantastic. I really think you should use it as it is easy to connect and gives a real whistle and stopwatch sound. I think it could do with more buzzers though as having the same one does get slightly annoying after a while. I think you really consider about getting the app.

7:38 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you be more specific about what the in-app purchase entails? Is it really possible to buy all 72 seasons in audio form for 25-odd euros. It wild be much cheaper than on all other platforms.

8:39 pm  
Anonymous Lolster said...

You can't listen to episodes with the app, you can only play the subjects that were used in the episodes. Personally, if you are going to do that, you should by the custom collection for about €2 so you can make up your own subjects.

2:12 am  

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