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June 23, 2015

the greatest ever fan of Just A Minute

Very very sad to report that my dear friend, and the greatest ever fan of Just A Minute, Keith Matthews, has died.

I'll write a lot more about Keith and how much he helped me and Just A Minute. Just too upset right now.

RIP Keith and sincere condolences to Keith's family and many friends.


Blogger stalin london said...

Kieth was my dear mentor and guide and tons of knowledge he carried.he is one of the craziest and obsessive fan of JAM who has every recording of the show.people used to jus flock Oxfam to have a chat with him,he used to always embrace me with warm hug and gentle kiss.he had vast knowledge about books,music & anything..he was so good in describing people and enacting them.he was good Host to any parties organised in shop.he has given himself more to the charity shop,he used to sing song,act and cheer me up and make my day bright.during his last days he came to our home stayed with us for 2 nites,i was always curious to meet him..if i have to come to London i gonna sure ly miss him as we used to have wonderful chat on saturday evenings,love you keith you r in our lives God bless.........

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