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August 01, 2015

next season

Half of the next season is already recorded! This week they recorded shows with Paul Merton, Gyles Brandreth, Sue Perkins and newcomer, actor and game show host Warwick Davis. I hope Warwick was able to get a word in with the other three!

The week before they recorded shows with the panel including Jenny Eclair and another newcomer, comedian Josh Widdicombe. Haven't heard who the other two were yet.


Anonymous Tom said...

Great to see Sue back. Paul and Gyles are always good value. I think Warwick has a decent sense of humour.

Performers from the past I'd like to see return are Holly Walsh, Chris Addison and David Mitchell. Chris and David haven't been on for several years so are probably likely but I thought Holly was (surprisingly) excellent last year so would be great to hear her again.

1:48 pm  
Anonymous Lolster said...

I wasn't too big a fan of holly. She did alright but got really a lot of help from Nicholas.

10:44 am  
Blogger DJ Moch said...

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11:37 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Presumably the reason David Mitchell hasn't been back is because he presents The Unbelievable Truth in that same Monday 6.30 slot. A shame, though, as he was a perfect JAM player! I think that there are many players who have been introduced over the last few years who could potentially become semi-regulars, but the problem is that there are too many players now for the slots available!

10:57 pm  
Blogger Dean said...

yeah I agree about David Mitchell who I love in his other shows. But he does do an awful lot of game shows so maybe he doesn't want to be over-exposed in that genre.

9:40 am  
Blogger antster1983 said...

I wonder how Josh Widdicombe will do. He's been funny when he's appeared on QI, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown, Taskmaster, and as a regular on The Last Leg. I'll keep an ear out for his shows.

2:12 am  

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