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January 19, 2007

London recording

The team for the sixth recording of the series was Paul, Clement, Graham Norton and Chris Addison.

Chris is another newcomer and according to a poster at the Comedy Store site, was very cheeky to his more experienced team-mates!

Great to have Graham back again too. He's a real favourite of mine.

So that's it for this season! No more recordings now till May and June I'd say.

Interesting that Tony and Graham only did one recording each in the season, as they did last season - once JAM had five regulars, but these days the only true regulars are Clement and Paul.

Anyways some information on Chris Addison - this gives the best biography of him that I have seen, though this here is his own website. And he won the Sony Radio comedy award last year for his own show The Ape That Got Lucky.

His humour is described as polite and observational!

Sounds like a distinguished newcomer indeed! Welcome to the JAM family, Mr Addison. And he goes to the top of one JAM list anyway, being first in an alphabetical list of performers, defeating previous champion Ray Alan! Let's hope he goes to the top when it comes to performance too!


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