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January 19, 2007

This week's show

I listened again to it and quite liked it. Pauline almost never had the subject but contributed well banter-wise. I get the feeling Marcus is going to do a lot of JAM in the next few years. He has the right style somehow - a nice dry humour and a weird take on the subjects. And he likes words. Gyles was Gyles - you like him or you don't. I do.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

whenever new people come onto the show, it's always a joy, because in the grand spirit of the show, new people infuse a sense of freshness and vitality into the proceedings. sometimes this tends to be something of a double edged sword, in that sometimes you're dying to hear these new people, but then you discover that they come onto the show and don't make much of an impact either because their too nervous and intimidated, or the structure of the show itself doesn't allow for their humor to come through.

it's why I'm always in favor of new people coming onto the show, not that I have anything against the regulars, because they still do marvelously, but with the introduction of new people, it does ensure that the future of the show itself will continue.

I'm actually quite glad that Marcus is becoming more involved in the show, it would be nice to hear him alongside people like Tony Hawks or even Kit Hesketh Harvey, then again I'm still waiting for Lee Mack to put in more appearances.

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