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August 14, 2007

today's show

I thought it was a thoroughly entertaining edition. Tim Rice plays the role of Clement-type grump very very well. Alun Cochrane possibly didn't do enough to get a recall, but he was funny when he had the subject and was engaging. Paul Merton was in his usual form and his usual form is very very good.

I thought Chris Neill was the star though - he has a unique style now and camps it up magnificently. Every time he opens his mouth something funny comes out.

Alas, he has the poorest win record of anyone in JAM history - equal with Sue Perkins - of no wins in 18 games. I mention this because my scoring of what went to air showed he won. The scoring of what goes to air is almost always different to the scores announced because the show is edited - in this case two whole rounds were omitted. But still I know he sometimes reads the blog so maybe this will cheer him up a little.


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