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September 01, 2008

Last and next

The Edinburgh shows were both good without being JAM at its best. Mike McShane was the best of the guests, though Fred MacAulay and Rhod Gilbert were both fine. Lynn Ferguson was a disappointment I thought.

This week's show features Julian Clary, Sue Perkins and Chris Addison with Paul. Julian is one of my favourites - I would rate him higher than I used to. He's someone who is funny just about each time he speaks these days. Sue is a real up-and-comer and someone who should really be appearing more often than she does. She's funny and cheeky and just sounds like a player. Chris has only appeared twice before and was very good so I'm looking forward to hearing how he goes.


Blogger Andrew Sherman said...

I think Sue should be a regular.

8:28 am  

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