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September 12, 2008

New section on website

The one thing I have regular requests for (apart from how to add to collections of 700 shows) is an episode list.

I used to have one divided into four pages, but when I expanded the episode information it was no longer feasible to do it that way.

Well I've added a new one. You can see it here. You'll note it's very simple with just the most vital information - date, cast and first subject as a lot of people divide up their collections that way. All on one page.

Now of course it's note exactly pretty or even especially readable but hopefully it is functional for those who would like to print off a full list.

I could be persuaded to add episode numbers if people found that useful. I'm never sure if anyone else uses the numbering system which is entirely my invention. I think anything else would make it too cluttered and it is cluttered enough already.

Tell me what you think if this is something you have asked me for. (I must have had about 30 requests over the years.)

My next project is a searchable subject list!


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