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September 08, 2008

Piers Nimmo

My friend Martin Hood sent me this message...

I was listening to an episode of 'Dad Made Me Laugh' on Derek Nimmo in which his son Piers Nimmo is interviewed by Sally Magnusson. When discussing Derek's participation in Just A Minute, Piers mentioned your web site: He said:

"There is a guy in the world who has actually typed up every single Just A Minute Program in scripted format and sometimes on occasion I put my name or his name into Google on the Internet and it comes up and he (Derek) loved my name..."

Now I have always said my primary reason for building the site has been for my own amusement.

But... it really gives me a very warm feeling to think Derek's son gets some pleasure from the site, helping him to remember how much his Dad cared for him.

I'm sure Piers has plenty of ways to remember Derek. But it really moves me to think looking at his words on my website helps in some small way.

Piers, if you ever read this, I want you to know that Derek's many fans thank you and your family for sharing him with us. Because he created so much pleasure. On Just A Minute and other shows.

And just as you'll always remember your Dad, he will always be remembered by people all around the world as a lovable, funny, warm, witty man. Perhaps most of all through Just A Minute.


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