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August 17, 2009

Last week's show

A show with Stephen Fry in it is rare enough to be anticipated. I thought he did very well and of course Paul and Jenny - one of my personal favourites - were great as always. I feel Charles Collingwood suffered a little in comparison with the brillaince of the other three, but then, who wouldn't?

The second Paul/Gyles/Kit/Shappi show is due this week. I raved about this last time so let's hope round two is as good.


Anonymous 18aug said...

Dean, I think there should be a Christmas special of JAM. The last one was in 1994! Come on, Beeb, I want it! Should be one every year!

7:39 pm  
Anonymous 18aug said...

"am doing Just a Minute tomorrow for BBC radio 4...scary biscuits

about 11 hours ago from web"

Janey Godley twitters.

7:45 pm  

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