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October 13, 2011

Classic CD

The 22 ep collection was supposedly released last week but I haven't actually heard that anyone has received it yet. Amazon and some other book stores are saying it's out of stock. Some say they do have it, but as I say, so far, I haven't heard that anyone has received their copy.

Here's the latest info I have seen on what's in it

"Twenty-two episodes of the ever-popular BBC Radio 4 panel game chaired by Nicholas Parsons, showcasing five key players from the past five decades - Kenneth Williams, Clement Freud, Derek Nimmo, Peter Jones and Paul Merton - and including two very special editions of the show.

Kenneth Williams, Clement Freud, Derek Nimmo, Peter Jones and Paul Merton are the `Famous Five' of `Just a Minute': sparkling raconteurs whose sharp wits and skill made them consistently a pleasure to listen to. Each brings their own unique quality to the show, and this box set showcases their highlights - the moments which reveal these talented players at the very top of their game.

Also among the featured shows are the first ever `Just a Minute', plus the 25th anniversary edition and the infamous episode when Clement Freud failed to appear and the show's ever capable chairman Nicholas Parsons replaced him as a panellist.

Full of fast-paced, irreverent fun and ferocious competition, this collection is a goldmine of wonderful comedy nuggets from five fantastically funny comedians."

And then there's this

Just a Minute Classic Derek Nimmo
Publisher: Audiogo Ltd (2 Feb 2012)
ISBN-10: 1408470748
ISBN-13: 978-1408470749

Looking at this info and the upcoming “Classic Derek Nimmo” material, it looks to me like there will be four shows each for each of the five regulars in the Classic Collection. They will then try to sell each of these separately. ie. a four show Just a Minute Classic Derek Nimmo, a four show Just a Minute Classic Kenneth Williams, a four show Just a Minute Classic Clement Freud, a four show Just a Minute Classic Paul Merton, and a four show Just a Minute Classic Peter Jones. I’m not sure why you’d start with Derek rather than Paul or Kenneth. But still.

For the collection 4x5 is 20, plus apparently the first show with Derek, Clement, Beryl Reid and Wilma Ewart, and the truly classic 1977 show that had Kenneth, Derek, Peter and Nicholas on the panel with Ian Messiter in the chair. This really is a very funny show. And that adds up to 22 shows.

I am interested in the reference to the 25th anniversary edition. I’m not sure if this refers to the first show of 1992 where the anniversary is mentioned – that show featured Derek, Clement, Peter and Maureen Lipman, and was the first time JAM went on the road. But that would mean the collection has 23 episodes.

Or does it mean they are reissuing the Silver Minutes collection? I rather hope the latter as that collection is a lot of fun and is very much out of print.

Anyone who does get this, please let us know exactly what is in it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of Derek nimmos shows is the pilot edition. The bonus episodes are the one in Highgate and the one where Ian messier is in the chair. I know this as I have the collection.

12:20 pm  

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