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July 10, 2014

testing JAM app

Malcolm Messiter, the son of JAM creator Ian Messiter, has written to me...

Hello Dean,

You may be pleased to hear we are creating an app for iPhones and iPads which will allow Just a Minute to be played at home!

This will be followed almost immediately by a exactly similar app running on Android devices. Players will be able to use a mix of device types.

In about four or five weeks from now, this app will be ready for beta test.

I wonder if you possess any iPads or iPhones?

Might you perhaps be interested in being one of the beta test people?

We are allowed by Apple to distribute =< 100 copies for beta test.

I see you have a Yahoo group. I wonder if several of those people might be interested in testing the app?

Those who might wish to test the app need to know that it uses Bluetooth 4.0 for communication between iPhones (which act as buzzers) and an iPad (which runs the Chairman app).

Bluetooth 4.0 is supported on the iPhone 4s and later, but not earlier. It's supported on the iPad 3, but not earlier

If anyone is interested in taking up the offer to test this app, please write to me at dean@just-a-minute.info and I will pass on your email to Mr Messiter.


Anonymous Aaron said...

I really wish I could, but I checked and it turns out I "only" have an iPhone 4 and an iPad 2! Are you absolutely sure it has to be 4S?

11:04 am  
Blogger Dean said...

hi - I have posted all the info I have. If you want more detail, you need to email me and I will pass your email to Mr Messiter (as it says at the end of the post).

1:40 pm  

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