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January 22, 2007

Episode Sharing

In the thread under "JAM turns 40" discussion has "deviated" to episide file sharing/trading. The discussion can be found here.

I thought it would be better to open a new thread on how to make this happen without having to search for a thread on an entirely different subject. I also think it would be preferable if people didn't feel they had to post their own email address in the blog comments as that can be a spam magnet.

Here's my suggestion. I've today opened a Yahoo Group. It will be open to anyone who wants to join. It can be used for JAM related discussion - but I would think it would principally be a place for people to share epppies. Here's the link to it.

Once people arrive there, those interested can discuss the ins and out of sharing shows. The Yahoo groups have a place to post files. But if people prefer person to person sharing, that's fine too. The group can then be used just as a place for interested people to meet.

If this is not what people want to do, I am happy to close the group again.

Assuming there's some activity and interest, I'll post links to it on the website.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Join in, one and all. I would be willing to get the ball rolling, as I have a decent sized collection on my computer.


1:25 am  
Anonymous Chelsey said...

Right, I'm joined up (total Yahoo novice, but I'll live). Is it fine to start posting requests over there?

3:16 am  
Anonymous Linda said...

hi dean . thanks for starting the yahoo group . i have just joined as well . as a newer jam fan it will be great to have the group as well as this site to help me learn about the show :-)

10:00 am  
Anonymous EmileJ said...

I just joined the JAM Yahoo group. I also am more than willing to share the collection I have. Of the 660+ JAM radio episodes in total, I have 560 of them. My main gaps are from around 1973-1975 as well as from 1993-1995, and I'm hoping someone has the programs that I'm missing.

12:15 pm  

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