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January 23, 2007

JAM turns 40

The discussion about what JAM should do to celebrate its 4oth anniversary came up with some excellent suggestions, although the discussion did deviate a bit! You can catch up with what was said here.

I said I would post my thoughts...

* I would like a serious doco/memories/highlights/reunion sort of show. I would do four shows one for each decade, and invite a mix of performers and producers from each deacde. I may be wrong but I think all of the long-serving JAM producers are still alive, with the exception of John Browell. It would be interesting to hear from each of them about they saw the show and what they were trying to do with it while in the chair.

Suggested guests....

1967-77 Nicholas Parsons, Clement Freud, Andree Melly, Aimi Macdonald, David Hatch, John Lloyd

1977-87 Nicholas, Clement, Sheila Hancock, Tim Rice, David Hatch, Pete Atkin

1987-1997 Nicholas, Clement, Paul Merton, Wendy Richard, Edward Taylor, Anne Jobson

1997-2007 Nicholas, Clement, Graham Norton, Tony Hawks, Chris Neill, Claire Jones

Nicholas has already given a lot of his recollections in the Just A Classic Minute series - so maybe he could act as talk host, and cue in appropriate clips to illustrate points being made.

As for a special programme, I like the idea of having six people - maybe four at a time with two people being replaced at half-time? Clement and Paul could be there throughout, Graham and Andree could do the first half and then be replaced by Tony and Sheila. Subjects to all be JAM related!


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