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January 23, 2007

this week's eppy

looking forward to this week's show! Will be great to hear Tim Rice again - and a newcomer in Alun Cochrane.

The familiar tune - it always puts a smile on my face! And this week it comes from Cheltenham. In seating order the team is Paul Merton, Alun Cochrane, Chris Neill and Sir Tim Rice.

Alun gets first subject which means that one or two rounds were ditched - they always start with Paul if he is there. The subject is "round robins". A good joke for his first sentence on JAM: "Obesity is a huge problem in the bird community..." He then says "many many animals..." oh dear! The local football team is the Cheltenham Robins apparently! Paul says they are terrible, Tim reckons superb - an early dispute! Tim being very funny talking about running round a robin. He then repeats himself and begins to say "oh shit" but stops himself! All four have had a go at this subject now. Paul now has a good response to Nicholas's phrase "I don't think that was good English there..." Paul responds "I was thinking of our World Service audience!"

Doesn't Chris sound like Kenneth Williams at times!

Chris now has "all day breakfast". Alun gets in with an early challenge. Chris is now doing a Kenneth-like performance over losing the subject - it's successful and he gets the subject back. Lots of arguing over points today - always a good sign of a fun show.

Tim says you can get breakfast all day at the Ritz - Paul replies Tim worked there as a cleaner!

We're 10 minutes in and only two subjects done!

Paul starts with "the director's cut". "It's when you buy films on D-V- well you know the format!" He's clever all right! Paul says he likes the audio commentaries you get on the DVDs, and I quite agree with him. Alun wins his first challenge! He says the director's cut of JAM is wonderful - Chris says "it's really not!" Alun having trouble with his words - Chris sounding very acerbic! He's really becoming a top player, our Christopher! And he's now equal with Paul in the lead. If he wins, it will be a first for him!

Chris starts with "the last laugh". Tim challenges for repetition of "the" and is told you can repeat the words on the card! He says "come with me now to the plains of Africa..." and Paul buzzes in: "I've got plans!"

Alun starts with "down the back of my sofa". He's not great so far - I think he needs to just talk and not worry about the rules excessively. Chris kissing Nicholas after some banter with him. Nicholas gives him a point for the rudeness but not for the kiss. Chris: "all I can see there is Mrs Parsons out there, grinning because she's got the night off!" Paul having fun helping Alun out! Tim going now well, gets the whistle - apparently Chris was trying to stare him out, another old Kenneth trick.

Paul starts with "January sale". Chris seems to get a couple of sentences out and stop! All four have had the subject now - I would think just about everyone has spoken on everything today! Certainly no-one would have gone more than 20 seconds! Paul challenges Tim after he says his mother said "crap"! Tim continues with one second to go, "as for my dad..."

The last subject, Chris starts on "stuff and nonsense". He says it's Cheltenham's premier gay nightspot. Paul gets a good head of steam up and goes well to the whistle.

Alun finishes fourth, Chris and Tim equal second, Paul wins.

I did like Tim and Chris and Paul a lot. Alun struggled but maybe he will do better in the second show. But that was a very good show, the best this season so far. I think because Paul, Tim and Chris all know each other reasonably well.

Good stuff. I enjoyed that.


Anonymous Linda said...

i loved pauls comment dv you know the format during the subject the dorectors cut . funny on any other show i don't care for paul merton much but in just a minute he really makes me laugh . clever player is right !

12:42 pm  
Anonymous EmileJ said...

My god, Chris Neill is Kenneth Williams reincarnated! I absolutely loved his tantrum over kidneys for breakfast. :)

4:20 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always knew that Chris would find himself in time, and I think he's finally found his confidence.

Chris does sound a lot like Kenneth, and I loved it when Chris finally stood up for himself and argued over the point and subject. granted it did take Kenneth himself quite a bit to find a niche for himself in the show, when it comes to being both funny and informative and talking inbetween when he doesn't have the subject, I think Chris is following Kenneth's example rather well. let's just hope Chris doesn't start talking about coming all the way from Great Portland Street or King's Cross.

Paul continuing to be funny and clever, along with Sir Tim. I felt bad for Alun though, but I think because it was his first time he was probably a little nervous, but I think he's got potential though if given a chance.

4:42 am  

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