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October 13, 2011

first (or second) time winners

Russell Kane's feat of winning his first show last season sparked some interest in how frequently this had been done.

My dear friend Keith Matthews compiled this list for us.

1967 Derek Nimmo.
1968 Lucy Bartlett, Nicholas Parsons (first show as panellist).
1979 Tim Brooke Taylor.
1980 Tim Rice.
1982 Brian Johnston, Libby Purves, Gyles Brandreth, Victoria Wood.
1983 Jeremy Beadle, Jan Ravens.
1993 Richard Morton.
1994 Mariella Frostrup (TV), Ann Bryson (TV), Neil Mullarkey (TV), Jo Brand (TV), Ted Robbins (TV)
1999 Linda Smith, John Sergeant (TV).
2011 Russell Kane.

So as you can see it's been a long long time since this feat was achieved. Well done Russell... especially as he managed to beat Paul and Gyles, probably the best two current players.

On the Yahoo group, a poster, Matthew, extended this to someone winning in their first two shows, as most people do two shows at once.

Radio: Derek Nimmo (first ever winner), Lucy Bartlett, Nicholas Parsons (in his debut as a panellist), Tim Brooke-Taylor, Peter Cook (2nd episode), Tim Rice (joint with Kenneth Williams, Peter Jones, AND Derek Nimmo!), Brian Johnston, Libby Purves, Gyles Brandreth (won first TWO episodes, second joint with Peter Jones), Victoria Wood (joint with Peter Jones), Jeremy Beadle, Jan Ravens, Martin Jarvis (2nd episode), Richard Stilgoe (2nd episode, joint with Peter Jones), Richard Morton, Jenny Eclair (2nd episode), Fred MacAulay (2nd episode), Linda Smith (joint with Tony Hawks and Derek Nimmo), Rick Wakeman (2nd episode), Russell Kane, Miles Jupp (2nd episode).

Television: Mariella Frostrup, Ann Bryson, Neil Mullarkey, Jo Brand, Ted Robbins, Dale Winton, John Sergeant (won first TWO episodes), Brian Sewell (2nd episode, joint with John Sergeant), Isla Blair (2nd episode), Pam Ayres (2nd episode, joint with Wendy Richard), Michael Cashman (2nd episode).

Matthew also made the point that there is relatively few who went on to a long career in the show - Derek, Gyles, Linda, Tim, Jenny.... (and Nicholas!).


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